Craig MacDonald

Craig is a real estate professional and home owner advocate in New Brunswick, Canada. His article, “Quitting For Character. It Was Just Time.” was featured on CBC  as awareness of the SNB property assessment scandal grew.  His personal convictions regarding the actions of Sr. leaders at SNB, led him to resign from his role as a Residential Assessor in 2017. MacDonald continues to work in the real estate industry as a salesperson (licensed with Mac Homes Inc.), consultant and as a referral agent connecting current and future New Brunswick homeowners to local high integrity agents.

Besides his real estate license, Craig holds a Bachelors Degree, a Certificate in Residential Valuation and a Certificate in Leadership. He has ten years of real estate experience in areas such as, assessment, sales, online marketing, photography, renovations and house flipping (the career of his late Father, Dan). Craig has had a wide variety of professional experiences in other areas such as: contract negotiation, data analysis, process improvement and government relations.

He describes himself as a driven individual who loves a challenge, strives to be a servant leader and looks for opportunities in every situation. He has two daughters, whom he is very devoted to. Craig enjoys reading, consulting (real estate, assessment, LinkedIn) and hiking. In 2017 Craig achieved his goal of hiking and/or biking every trail within Fundy National Park.

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