How Long Should I List My Home?

There are a few things to consider when determining how long you’re going to list your home. Some properties are easier to sell than others. For example, a home in the middle of town is typically going to sell fairly quickly if it’s priced right and demand is good. If it’s not too far from the city, a property in the country will usually sell reasonably well. Also, an unusual home or one much further from town limits the number of buyers, so it will take a more extended period, so you may want to list that a little longer. My guide for listing would typically be 90 days in town. If just slightly outside the outskirts of town, I would probably go for three to five months. If it’s an unusual property or quite a way out of town, or there’s something unique about the home that makes it more challenging to sell than possibly going for as long as a year. You could also list for 90 days then do extensions should your salesperson need more time. Remember, it’s easier to extend a listing than to cancel one without penalty.