How Many Houses Should I See Before I Buy One?

I frequently get this question from new buyers that are seeing homes for the first time. They walk into one of the early homes and fall in love. They then talk about wanting to make an offer and whether they should. It depends on what stage you’re at. Have you been looking at homes online? Do you know the values? Have you lived in the area for a while? Many factors determine home values. I can provide you with comparable listings to show the value, but seeing homes on paper versus seeing them in person is not really the same. I’ve also had clients that have fallen love with one of the first couple homes and then viewed more homes and ended up buying a home later that may have been more practical, based on price and different features like size or neighbourhood. They felt they could make that house into a home that could provide that same emotional feel as the one earlier. I believe it’s important that you see several homes before you buy.