Life with Mac Homes Real Estate

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NO Commission Splits

NO Desk Fees

SET Transaction Fees

NO Micromanagement

WEBSITE (Tech & Content) Support

FULL Listing & Sale Management Services

Unlike many real estate companies, Mac Homes Real Estate believes that you are your own boss. We do not handhold, we do not coddle. We do not engage in micromanagement of any kind. We are here to support you if need be, however we know that you are professional, capable, and driven – and we will treat you as such. Since there are no commission splits, you are never punished for setting competitive commissions, lowering for double ends, or running promotions.

We provide support for Dropbox, Touchbase, website management, online listing management, etc. We are at the forefront of new technology and software that is being developed to make your life easier and your work more effective.

With 300+ realtors and 5000+ listings in the Moncton area every year, it can be difficult to stand out. We support you in building your brand and your name recognition. Should you choose to better develop your contacts and branch out to find new business, we have on hand website services and a contracted writer and social media manager available to you to maintain a web presence through a blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

There are no desk fees. Transaction fees are set at $500 per end, with a cost break provided for double ends.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can enhance your future in real estate. Contact Kevin at 388-9123 or kevin@homesmoncton.comrectangle 1000 x 288