Should I Sell / List My House Privately?

The thing about selling your home yourself is it’s much like everything else. It’s easy if you know what you are doing and more challenging if you don’t. There are many things to consider when selling your home; marketing it, writing up the contract, working with buyers and showings, to name a few. One of the advantages of dealing with an agent is they take care of that for you, plus they have access to over 300 other agents helping to get that home sold. Location is another part of the decision of whether to sell privately. For example, if you are on a street with a lot of traffic or a street where there are many other houses listed for sale, you will get lots of exposure. On the other hand, if your home is located on a quiet street with low visibility, your chances decrease. My biggest recommendation is to do it yourself, not use one of the private sale companies. Yes, you will pay more using an agent to sell your home, but the big thing is you won’t be paying them unless your house sells. Private sale companies typically get paid upfront, and if they don’t manage to get your home sold, you will still have to pay an agent to sell it.