What Does Closing Date Mean When Buying A Home / Land?

The closing date is the day you wish to take possession of the property you are buying. It doesn’t have to be the date you plan to move in. Here are a few suggestions for choosing a date. I recommend to my clients not to pick a Friday if the closing date matters. If there is a problem with the title or some other issue, and the lawyers can’t resolve it that day, then you will have to wait until the beginning of the next week to deal with it. If you plan to hire movers or rent moving vans, try to avoid the first of the month. A fair number of people renting move at that time, which can mean shortages for those services. On the day of closing, you typically do a walk-through inspection to ensure everything is as it was when you initially saw it. Once you have done this, you can then contact your lawyer to begin the final closing steps.