What’s a Buyer Contract When Buying A Home?

A buyer’s contract is signed between the real estate salesperson and the purchaser(s). This contract may state how long you will work with that salesperson, whether there are any fees you might have to pay; for example, if the listing commission wasn’t to the salesperson’s satisfaction, they could have you pay the difference. If you decide to buy a private sale, they could also have you pay them a fee for that. Depending on the contract, some of these cannot be cancelled until the specified end of the contract without penalty. My personal opinion is these contracts are a terrible way to do business. I don’t think you should ever force someone to work with you as a salesperson. If you’re not happy with the service you’re getting, you should be able to switch salespeople and go with someone else. I can’t imagine ever going to a car dealership and having them tell me that I had to sign a contract to buy a car from them and I couldn’t go anywhere else if I didn’t like what I was receiving for service or their models or their pricing or whatever. So yes, I’m entirely against buyer contracts and would advise people never to sign one ever.